8 items you need to start
your zero-waste lifestyle.

Our vision is to End Plastic Pollution

Growing concerns over climate change and pollution has led to us thinking about the impact of our everyday choices and how we can switch to more sustainable habits. This website showcases 8 items that be switched to zero-waste alternatives. Instead of constantly discarding resources, we need to create a system where we reduce what we need and reuse as much as possible. When you switch to these items you will save money, live healthier and join the global movement for sustainability!

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Keep Cup

Did you know that Australians go through a staggering 1 billion disposable coffee cups per year? Majority of these end up in either a landfill or the ocean. The waterproof plastic lining inside most disposable coffee cups means that they cannot be recycled, nor do they biodegrade. The solution? Purchase a keep cup! Most keep cups are made from polypropylene plastic which is BPA free and much better for the environment. Plus, many cafes now offer customers discounts when they bring in a keep cup. It's a win-win for everyone!


Vegetable Bags

Many shoppers are now bringing their own reusable supermarket bags when they do their grocery shopping. However, we often don’t think about how much plastic waste we are creating when we bag our fruits and veggies. Made from a variety of sustainable materials such as muslin or mesh, reusable produce bags are another great zero-waste item. These bags are minimum weight which ensures you are not overcharged at checkout.

Beeswax Wraps

Beeswax wraps are a great alternative to plastic wrap as they are made from materials you can feel good about including bee’s wax, jojoba oil, tree resin, and organic cotton. The main advantage of beeswax wraps are that they are reusable. Once you have finished with it, simply wash it, air-dry it and use it again. After about a year it will start to lose its stick, but then it can easily be composted. This plastic alternative is also easy to DIY.


Reusable Bag

While they cost a little more up front, there are many benefits of using a reusable supermarket bag. Plastic bags aren't recyclable, so millions end up in landfills every year. Many don't even make it to landfill causing 100,000 marine animals to die each year from mistaking them for food. Also, many stores are now beginning to impose an extra charge for plastic bags. Ten cents for a bag might not feel like much but consider how quickly that adds up if you use five or ten bags each trip to the supermarket.


Throughout my life, I’ve always used a plastic toothbrush without any second thoughts. However, 30 million toothbrushes are used and disposed of each year in Australia. Bamboo toothbrushes are an eco-friendly alternative as bamboo is a natural plant that is fully biodegradable. Bamboo toothbrushes take approximately six months to compost while your usual plastic one can take hundreds of years to break down.


Reusable Bottle

Using vast amounts of fossil fuels to both make and transport them, plastic water bottles are causing large amounts of damage to the environment. This plastic cannot be recycled and many bottle tops end up at the bottom of the ocean and in the stomachs of a variety of marine life that mistake them for food. What you drink in a few minutes can stick around for a thousand years so carry a refillable, BPA-free bottle and refill it whenever you need.

Metal Straw

Plastic straws have now become a symbol of how bad our society’s reliance on plastic really is. Although very small, plastic straws are causing an immense amount of waste which is unnecessary and easily avoidable. In fact, Australia uses approximately 10 million plastic straws every day. Simply asking for no straw with your drink or bringing your own metal straw is an easy solution. Metal straws are far better for the environment and don't contain the nasty chemical BisphenolA (BPA)!



Many of us will already own plastic Tupperware but it’s important to talk about how these containers can help reduce everyday plastic waste. Whenever you are buying takeaway food, such as Sushi, bring your Tupperware containers so you avoid using a single-use plastic container. Even better than plastic, there are many better alternatives such as glass containers.

About the Owner

I started my zero-waste journey about 1 year ago when I realised how our daily consumption habits are directly linked to the Earth’s level of pollution. Going zero waste has been a liberating process for me and has made me feel like I am doing my part. I am currently studying Commerce and IT, majoring in Sustainability and Interactive media. I found that by creating this website, I was able to link together my two passions – the environment and design! I hope that you’ve learnt something and realised that small actions can go a long way in changing the world.

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